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Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
1.    The teacher completes the entire syllabus in time
2.    The Teacher discusses topics and interact in the school
3.    The teacher communicates clearly and inspires me by his teaching
4.    The teacher is punctual in the class
5.    The tecaher comes well prepared for the class
6.    The teacher encourages participation and discussion in class
7.    The tecaher uses modern teaching aids, handouts, suitable references, power point presenatation, web resources etc.
8.    The teacher's attitude towards the students is friendly & helpful
9.    The teacher is aailable and accessible in the Department
10.    The evaluation process is fair and unbiased
11.    Regular and timely feedback is given on our performance
12.    Periodical assessments are conducted as per schedule
13.    I have learnt and understood the subject material/s in this Course

A.B.M. College