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Examination Department is an integral part of any college viz-a-viz Kolhan University of Chaibasa. The prestige of the college depends on the Examination Department to a very large extent. At the end of the day when students leave the college, they carry certificates in their hands, of course, knowledge in their minds and sweet experiences/ memories in their hearts.

Transparency, regularity and flawlessness are the hallmarks of the Examination Department. The certificates issued by the university stand testimony to the quality and commitment of the University as a whole. The College does not test in the students’ knowledge of the domain area through last examination and internal tests. It is through the continuous assessment of the students that the overall performance of the students is tested. The certificates issued by the University have to reflect the overall performance of the students’ progress tested all through the course period.

Examination Process

It Provides information regarding availability of courses in the college, admission, registration, migration ,syllabus, hostel, examination etc.

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    The end semester examination for the odd semester (1/3/5) shall be held in the month if December and the even semester (2/4/6) examination in the month of May.
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    The end semester exam schedule shall be displayed on the college notice board by the examination deptt. and on the website of the college.
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    The examination at the end of the particular semester shall be conducted only in the papers offered in the current semester i.e. at the end of the odd semester examinations shall be held only for the papers offered in the paper in the odd semester. Similarly at the end of the even semester examinations shall be held only for the papers offered in the even semester. Students who fail in paper of the even semester may clear it only in the next even semester.
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    Exam Forms are fill online, exam fee is collected online.
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    ADMIT CARD is issued to respective student login in online. Duplicate Admit card may be issued on Payment of a fee decided by the college, if it is satisfied that an admit card has been lost or misplaced.
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    Mark sheet respective semester will be provided after each end semester examination.